Julian Krieg Chairperson

Julian's other current executive roles include
  • A Member of Suicide Prevention Australia Board
  • Chairperson of the Men’s Advisory Network in WA (State Body)
  • Chairperson Rural West
  • Vice-Chair Australian Men’s Health Forum
  • Committee member of Curtin University Ethics Committee
  • A member of a number of local advisory groups.

The agility of Primary Production Services, via Rural West, has been crucial in effectively dealing with issues that emerge from the sometimes volatile nature of primary production.

Julian is the son of a farmer, husband of one wife, father of three sons and grandfather of nine and last of all father-in-law to three independently spirited women. In spite of this he maintains a relatively independent spirit and has a passion for improving the opportunities for people to understand and cope with their changing circumstances. Currently Julian and Glenys reside on a 1 acre block on the outskirts of York where they are enjoying the country lifestyle.

Julian has a background in education (he was Director of Agricultural Education for many years). Julian has extensive experience working with people and has a wealth of experience in educating and understanding boys and men.

Julian works specifically in men’s holistic health and suicide awareness. He has developed a successful range of programs and strategies for rural men, their families and communities to counteract some of the negative effects of drought and declining terms of trade in agriculture.

Previously employed by Wheatbelt Men’s Health (Inc) as a Community Educator, his programs provided community people with skills and information to recognise signs and triggers associated with despair and information about who to contact regarding intervention strategies.

Julian was recognized for his work in drought affected WA in 2007 by being awarded the Royal Agricultural Society Rural Achiever of the year in Western Australia.

Julian Krieg

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