Rural West

Chris Wheatcroft Chief Executive Officer

  • Bachelor of Arts (Sustainable Development)
  • Graduate Diploma (Counselling)
  • Masters of Business Administration
  • Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors
  • Certificate of Management Excellence (Harvard University)

Our proven model of integrating business and counselling frameworks to enable clients to gain understanding and make strategic business decisions for a viable future has been recognised as successful throughout the financial year.

Chris Wheatcroft has the role of Executive Officer for both Rural West and Primary Production Services Inc (PPS).

Chris’s background was farming then community services including his work with teenagers with emotional and behavioural problems and 7 years as a Rural Financial Counsellor.

He has a combination of knowledge and experience across the fields of leadership, management, sustainable development, coaching/counselling/ training and facilitating behaviour change for individuals/families/enterprises under pressure.

Underpinning his experience are eight years of Tertiary studies which include: an MBA; B/A in Sustainable Development (Murdoch, understanding and integrating economic, social and environmental factors); Graduate Diploma Counselling (Notre Dame); Diploma Community Services in financial counselling (University Ballarat); Workplace Training and Assessment Cert IV; Graduate Australian Institute of Company Directors (GAICD); plus 2 years of a B/A in psychology/philosophy (UWA) and executive courses at Harvard Business School (CME).

Chris has strong connections to farming as a 5th generation farmer until his late 20s. He was also a single father to five daughters for a decade.

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