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Anita Sutherland Small Business & Rural Financial Counsellor

  • Bachelor of Business (Marketing)
  • Master of Counselling
  • Financial Counsellor National Registration Number – FC20704

Small Business & Rural Financial Counsellor:

Anita Sutherland is a dedicated professional with a unique blend of qualifications and experiences that make her a trusted advisor in the fields of small business and rural financial counselling. With a diverse background spanning marketing, business management, counselling, and rural entrepreneurship, Anita brings a wealth of expertise to her role.


Professional Journey:

With a solid foundation in business education, Anita embarked on a remarkable twelve-year journey within the small business industry. Her proficiency in marketing, sales, business development, and stakeholder management set her apart as a dynamic professional. Her track record includes successful management of Kimberley Small Business Support since 2011, where she spearheaded strategic initiatives and played a pivotal role in securing a significant tender for the entire Kimberley region.

Anita’s leadership extended beyond her managerial role as she effectively coordinated business advisors and clients across key locations in the Kimberley, including Broome, Derby, Fitzroy Crossing, Halls Creek, Kununurra, and Wyndham. Her adept management skills ensured that businesses received comprehensive support, driving growth and sustainability.


Rural Entrepreneurship:

Anita’s immersion in rural life was marked by her ownership and operation of a cattle farm encompassing 15,000 acres in Southeast Queensland. This firsthand experience in agriculture and rural entrepreneurship instilled a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by businesses operating in remote and rural environments.


Cultural Awareness:

Having resided in diverse rural and remote areas across Australia, including a significant twelve-year stint in Kununurra within the Kimberley region of Western Australia, Anita possesses a keen awareness of the cultural nuances and unique challenges that impact small businesses in these locales.


Holistic Approach:

In 2022, Anita elevated her skill set by completing a Master of Counselling, enriching her ability to provide comprehensive support to her clients. By integrating counselling theories with her business education, Anita offers a holistic approach that addresses not only the financial aspects of her clients’ challenges but also their emotional well-being.


Anita Sutherland’s multifaceted journey, encompassing business acumen, rural entrepreneurship, cultural sensitivity, and counselling expertise, positions her as an invaluable Small Business & Rural Financial Counsellor. Her commitment to nurturing the growth and resilience of businesses in the Kimberley region is a testament to her unwavering dedication and professional excellence.

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