Rural West

At Rural West our experience tells us that the right approach leads to the right outcomes! 

We focus on the financial aspects of business, especially long term financial sustainability. We will show you how to apply our external knowledge and proven tools to your internal way of doing things. 

Creating a positive, profitable way forward. 

No matter your business type, the money side can feel like a particular burden in difficult times

Maybe it’s not your greatest strength?

Maybe you’re reluctant to ask for help?

Maybe you don’t even know where to start?

Our commitment is to work for you, not the banks or suppliers!

Calling in someone who understands business finance and financial stress really is a smart business move. Let us collaborate with you to get things back on track and unlock your full potential.

The process

  • Understand
    Your business is not just "a business" - we get it! It’s a lifestyle, a set of values and often it’s family and history. You'll be assigned a counsellor (or counsellors as necessary) to work with you. They are there to learn all about your unique business and situation. How your business works, your issues, your needs and what you're not getting.
  • Regain control
    Stress can make us respond to situations differently or repeat unhelpful behaviours. Our first actions together focus on calming the situation. Together we'll look at a way forward to calm the storm and create you some breathing space. Assess the priorities, the possibilities and reduce the stress.
  • Create solutions
    Now that you're starting to regain control, we'll collectively shape solution sets that work you towards a positive and vibrant future. We do this with you using proven techniques designed in-house. It's hard to believe but there are more possibilities than problems.

The outcome

Outcomes are what gives us the greatest satisfaction, it’s what our funding bodies expect to see! BUT, what the outcome is – well that’s entirely up to you!

Perhaps you want to get your business back on track, maybe you’re starting to see a better life in another direction. 

Whatever your choice is, that’s what we will work with you to make happen. We are with you all the way! 


Once you have contacted us, a counsellor will be assigned to you.

An initial consultation will be arranged. That might be over the phone, video call or face-to-face. It might take one, two or three hours. 

Our counsellors want to know about your business! Teach them. Go through the books. Talk about the issues. What’s blocking you. What you want. What you are not getting. 

Then together you can look at mapping out a strategy.

This is not a one appointment you are on your own situation. This is just the starting point. There will be more sessions, phone calls, emails, whatever is required to get the job done. 

We get results, there is no doubt about it! But, we are not here to step in and take over. We are ready to work WITH you. Every step of the way, with you always at the lead. 

Some of the steps we will take for you (e.g. we are great at negotiating with banks to create a breathing space). Some of them you will do or learn how to do yourself.

Either way we will get the work done together and you will learn some great skills that will be with you for life.

We are realists – setbacks happen! Most importantly you will no longer be alone if setbacks do occur.

After a while you may want to reanalyse, reconsider your goals. It may happen more than once. We will keep working with you to keep the focus and energy moving in the right direction. 

You will have a designated counsellor assign to you. They will be your primary contact at Rural West.

However, our goal is to support you through this time and get you results. Just like you call in us for support, we may need to call in further expertise, deal with other people along the way. We know the people to call!  We will bring in the right people to get you the best results in the fastest time possible but always with your consent!

Is this an overnight, quick fix? No. 

We are in this for REAL results for you. If it takes years, we will keep turning up, rolling up our sleeves and getting on with it. 

We know you will make progress and we will be with you all the way. Eventually you will create a resolution that works for you. Find solutions and regain control.

We are all over the State and Federal Government assistance programs available. We can explain what’s available and how to access it.

We’re not here to interfere with anything. You are the master of your business! We are just here with the knowledge and expertise to support you through a challenging time. 

Our goal is for you to gain valuable skills through this process and for us to complement you and the great work you do. 

We are here for you

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