We greatly appreciate Robyn’s assistance, patience and guidance through 2019, working with us in dealing with our bank and our major debt crisis. I cannot believe the final outcome. It is amazing and we are just so happy that our boys are clear of any debt and we can stay in our home. We were very close to going Bankrupt but this was luckily not to be the end result.
Robyn came up with a clear strategy and then worked through that with us. We had come to a point that we really did not know what else we could do and having Robyn come onboard and take over dealing with the bank on our behalf was actually life-saving, as we were at our lowest.
At all times she was accessible and approachable and with her financial background, provided a high level of understanding and expertise on the best way to speak with the bank and negotiate on our behalf. We feel that once Robyn came onboard, the bank actually started to take notice and listen. Planning out a strategy, using ‘bank speak’ wording and writing up our correspondence to them, made all the difference to the end result going in our favour.
Robyn, was always by our side at all times through negotiations with the bank and was always available to ask questions and provide intelligent advice. Most importantly, she was always understanding of our difficult situation and never judged but just encouraged and was very positive but real at all times. Having someone to share the burden with who better understood financial matters was extremely helpful and we greatly appreciated all her help, advice and friendship during this upsetting and testing time.
We would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Rural West to friends and family. Robyn, is a true asset to the organisation.

FarmerFarmer, Wheatbelt

Roger helped us forge a clear path forward when we were mentally and emotionally unable to deal with our situation due to the complexity of our issues. He assisted by breaking up our problems into ‘bite-size’ pieces and listened with empathy and had our genuine interests at heart. I don’t think I could’ve asked for a better counsellor over the phone during COVID and he was full of assistance and knowledge.

FarmerFarmer, Wheatbelt

Without the ongoing support and assistance from Chris Puckridge at Rural West our business would have gone into bankruptcy. He has been an ear and a shoulder for us through the very toughest of times.

Viticulturist – Perth
ViticulturistViticulturist, Perth

When I started with Amanda I was stressed and scared I would lose my business due to a complicated financial situation with legal implications. Not only has Amanda help me make a complex situation simpler, she has also helped me restructure the business to avoid similar mistakes in future. Thanks to Amanda, I feel more confident about the situation and have a much more positive outlook towards the future of my business.

Small Business Owner – Kalbari
Tourism Small BusinessTourism Small Business, Kalbari

When I started with Amanda I as stressed to the max, facing a difficult financial situation I wasn’t experienced with. Amanda was a lifesaver! She guided me through the process, suggesting options along the way but always allowing me to choose my direction. Amanda was always professional, caring and genuinely wanted to help me.

Small Business Client – Kalbari
Tourism Small BusinessTourism Small Business, Kalbari

I am very appreciative of this service, which has enabled my family to progress towards achieving an outcome, that would have been totally impossible without Rural West’s guidance, motivation and tact. We still have a bit to accomplish, but feel our goal is now achievable with your assistance.

FarmerFarmer, Western Australia

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