COVID-19 Updates

Information on COVID-19 changes daily. Refer to our Simple Steps To Keep Your Business, seek further information and useful tools from the websites below and contact your accountant for further advice.


Simple Steps to Keep Your Business in Check During COVID-19

Your mental and physical health takes precedence. Know that there is business, finance and emotional support available to you. Communicate.... you're not alone through this. Check our Facebook page for links to services in these areas.

Keeping informed about your current financial position is vital to help you make informed decisions about your business and maintain focus. There are various ways to do this. Accountants and business advisors can be useful.

Both the Federal and State governments have announced relief packages which may be relevant to your situation. Contact your accountant and make sure they are aware of your current situation so they can assist with any options that may be available. Make sure you register with Centrelink if you think you will be eligible for any payments.

The situation with Covid-19 is changing daily and with it so does the information being provided. We will keep you up to date on your Facebook page with important developments but you can also check for updates on the links we provide. 

Rural West Financial Counsellors are qualified to provide guidance and strategies for anyone experiencing financial difficulty in business. We are a free, independent and confidential service. We can support you through the Covid-19 crisis and beyond.

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Covid-19 Updates

  • Including links to the latest updates from:
    • Department of Health WA
    • Australian Government Department of Health
    • World Health Organisation
    • Centres for disease control
    • Johns Hopkins CSSE

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