About Us

Rural West have been working with primary production enterprises to get through difficult and turbulent times for over a decade with great success. More recently we have been able to offer the same services to a wider range of clients including small businesses, not-for-profits, community clubs and other groups that are part of the fabric of regional Western Australia (WA).

What We Stand For

Our VISION at Rural West is for WA to have sustainable rural communities supported by viable local businesses with access to the knowledge and resources required for profitable and vibrant futures. We support and encourage self-reliance through strategies that assist in managing industry change and challenges.


We do the right thing


We treat all people fairly


We respect privacy


We seek to understand

Our Service

Rural West is focused on the financial aspects of business, especially long term financial sustainability. We work with tools in business analysis and planning, personal goal setting and debt management.

Key among these tools is the model of how to manage situations for the best result that Rural West has developed in-house based on local experience. 

Rural West work with you in a practical manner, using proven strategies to refocus your business, create solutions and allow you to take back financial control. We can also access government assistance programs.

Key Strategies

Our team helps identify critical issues within your business and enable you to work towards short and long term solutions

Pressure Points

Our team will engage with you around all the pressure points of your business and work to bring back clarity and focus

Uniquely You

Our team want you to teach them about your business so together you can create a strategy that works for you and your business

Our services are delivered state-wide in WA by our team of country minded Small Business & Rural Financial Counsellors with skills, knowledge, experience and formal qualifications in business financial management. Learn more about Our Team.

Rural West services are supported by funding from the Australian Government and Government of Western Australia and are free to qualified businesses.

Rural West is delivered by Primary Production Services Inc, a not for profit community group incorporated. 
ABN 64 113 929 247.