Doing it tough Are you or someone you know doing it tough? Limiting Choices Couple confused by paperwork Feeling trapped by limiting choices? PP or SB? Country road in wheatbelt area Our services cover...
Primary production enterprises including farming, fishing and forestry throughout WA
Small businesses in rural areas including sporting clubs, community and not-for-profit groups.
positive future Business man consulting with female client We are ready to assist you create options for a positive future!

About us

Rural West provide a financial counselling service to regional small businesses and all primary production enterprises in WA, who are navigating their way through difficult and turbulent times.

We’re here for you! Ready to work with you on regaining focus and creating solutions towards a positive and sustainable future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our services are free to qualifying businesses.

Our services are available statewide to:

  • ALL PRIMARY PRODUCTION ENTERPRISES including farming, horticulture and fishing in all areas of the state of WA… from metropolitan based growers to Kununurra pastoralists and everything in between.
  • REGIONAL SMALL BUSINESSES, extending to non-profits, community groups and other groups that operate outside of the Perth metropolitan area.

Our Small Business & Rural Financial Counsellors are mobile and our services are available STATEWIDE!

Unfortunately at this time our services are unavailable to metropolitan based businesses unless you are a Primary Production Enterprise. 

Our counsellors work with their clients, in an unbiased and independent manner, to assist them to regain control and focus of their situation for a positive future. Learn more about Our Service and Our Team.

Refer to our About or Services pages or of course Contact us for a chat.

When to come to us



Fork in the road. Not knowing if you're looking at all the options?


Financial strain

Uncertain how to get relief? Overwhelmed by reduce income?


Endless red tape

Differing answers? Unsure where to go? Feeling misunderstood?


Industry change

Sudden or unexpected change creating chaos in your business? 

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I am very appreciative of this service, which has enabled my family to progress towards achieving an outcome, that would have been totally impossible without Rural West’s guidance, motivation and tact. We still have a bit to accomplish, but feel our goal is now achievable with your assistance.

Rural West helped both financially and emotionally at a time when we had no idea where to start. They helped find the light at the end of the tunnel. We managed to pay back all our debts without declaring bankruptcy which meant a lot to us. They assisted us in negotiating with our creditors and getting plans in place. We can not thank them enough.

Rural West was a big help in getting me through the tough times by helping with financial options, practical budgeting and just being someone to talk to who took an interest in what we were about. I am now operating a thriving business that could have landed on the scrap heap!