Feeling trapped by limited choices?
Do you own a small business or primary production enterprise in regional WA?
We're ready to assist you develop options for a positive future!
Servicing the agriculture industry...
Servicing the fishing industry...
Servicing the horticulture industry...
Servicing small business...

RURAL WEST delivers the . . .

  • RURAL FINANCIAL COUNSELLING SERVICE statewide in WA including metropolitan areas
  • SMALL RURAL BUSINESS FINANCIAL COUNSELLING statewide in WA excluding metropolitan areas
  • DROUGHT COMMUNITIES SMALL BUSINESS SUPPORT PROGRAM statewide in WA excluding metropolitan areas

If you’re a small to medium enterprise, primary producer, not-for-profit, community club or other group please give us a call!

Doing it Tough?

Are you financially stressed, doing it tough and unsure where to next?
Overwhelmed by industry change and challenges?

Rural West are here for you! For over a decade now we have been successfully working with primary production enterprises to get through difficult and turbulent times. We have practical, proven strategies to refocus your business, create solutions and regain financial control.

Our services are available STATEWIDE in WA for:

  • ALL PRIMARY PRODUCTION ENTERPRISES including farming, horticulture and fishing in all areas of the state of WA... from metropolitan based growers to Kununurra pastoralists and everything in between.
  • REGIONAL SMALL BUSINESSES, extending to non-profits, community groups and other groups that operate outside of the Perth metropolitan area.

From Kununurra in the North to Cape Leeuwin in the South, and all regional and remote areas in between…. our professional team of financial counsellors are available for you and your business. 

Speak to one of our Rural West Financial Counsellors today or freecall 1800 612 004!