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Rural West provide a free, confidential, mobile, independent financial counselling service to regional small businesses and all primary production enterprises in WA, who are navigating their way through difficult and turbulent times. We're here for you!

Ready to work with you on regaining focus and creating solutions towards a positive and sustainable future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our services are free to qualifying businesses.

Our services are available statewide to:

  • ALL PRIMARY PRODUCTION ENTERPRISES including farming, horticulture and fishing in all areas of the state of WA… from metropolitan based growers to Kununurra pastoralists and everything in between.
  • REGIONAL SMALL BUSINESSES, extending to non-profits, community groups and other groups that operate outside of the Perth metropolitan area.

Our Small Business & Rural Financial Counsellors are mobile and our services are available STATEWIDE!

Unfortunately at this time our services are unavailable to metropolitan based businesses unless you are a Primary Production Enterprise. 

Our counsellors work with their clients, in an unbiased and independent manner, to assist them to regain control and focus of their situation for a positive future. Learn more about Our Service and Our Team.

Refer to our About or Services pages or of course Contact us for a chat.

When to come to us



Fork in the road. Not knowing if you're looking at all the options?


Financial strain

Uncertain how to get relief? Overwhelmed by reduce income?


Endless red tape

Differing answers? Unsure where to go? Feeling misunderstood?


Industry change

Sudden or unexpected change creating chaos in your business? 

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We have had the privilege of working alongside Donna Spurgeon from Rural West for approximately 18 months now and what a pleasure it has been. We contacted Rural West in desperation to obtain some guidance as to how we could apply for income assistance as we were hit hard by the effects of the drought and then Covid – 19.
During our first meeting with Donna, we sat and discussed our financial situation and went through the options that could be available to us. Donna listened and suggested many different options some of which we had already obtained. Donna mentioned the FHA allowance which we had never heard of could be a possibility for us, so we started the process immediately.
There was a lot of back and forth from Centrelink regarding the FHA but for every added step needed Donna made sure we understood and helped us find the correct information to apply.
It was never a problem or an imposition for Donna to come and sit and go through every step of this process with us. Donna always made us feel comfortable and was forever there to keep us calm during these stressful and daunting times.
Many times, I have confided in Donna and I always felt that what we had discussed would be confidential, I felt as though I could trust Donna from the moment we met. I consider Donna to be not just rural financial counsellor but a friend. I would recommend Donna, her empathy, patience and kindness to towards us would assist anybody going through the hard times we went through.
Although our journey has been difficult and is not over, we can now see the light and the end of the tunnel all thanks to Donna’s professional guidance.

Both Kerryn and Chris have been a wonderful help. You have given me the encouragement to keep going through a very stressful situation.
The job you do isn’t just about the figures but helping people through what can be the lowest and very emotional times

Michael, we can’t say how much it meant to us when you came to our help at such a difficult moment in our lives – besieged as we felt ourselves to be, on all sides! The bushfire was just one of the many problems that threatened us, in the midst of major family health issues. During this period it was particularly difficult to keep our business in order and your guidance was more than helpful – particularly your kindness and personal interest in our difficult circumstances navigating the problems of finance in the midst of it all! Many, many thanks indeed!
We will always think of you and build on your advice.